Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doodie Baffer

2010 was busy and full of changes. Hate that I did not blog at all! Afterall, this is my children's baby book. Here are a few highlights--

We had our third baby- another boy! Bo Durham was born November 8th and was my smallest baby at 7 pounds 11 ounces. I thought they were joking when they told me how much he weighed. Did you see my stomach? Amazingly huge. Baby Bo officially confirmed that Bo and I have not figured out what makes babies yet. That's why I called Bo at work to announce the news and yell at him. I had my third c-section and Bo had some surgery too! I am currently recovering from post-partum depression. (I have the best family and friends and they have been so supportive.) There are no words to describe the transition from two to three. We love little Bo and are all so thankful that God surprised us with him. My older ones (it is crazy to call them older when they are 2 and barely 4!) have nicknamed little Bo "doodie baffer". What?!

We bought a house! March will be a year. Life is so different already. We are having the most fun we have ever had. Our neighbors are awesome! The kids have numerous friends within walking distance. For the most part we are all settled in. My dad would beg to differ by the looks of his basement-- There is just that stuff that you don't know what in the world to do with. And I cleaned out big time. I threw away and donated so much stuff that I am surprised we have anything left. Which brings me to my first story about Henry the dog.

Henry the Dog

I don't love stuffed animals. I believe there are 3 categories for them. The first category is... "just plain nasty". Most in this category are obnoxious colors and they make you itch, or they at least just feel "wrong". Animals in the second category may have a memory attached to them such as "This was the first thing I opened at my shower for my first child", or "so-and-so gave this to me for Valentine's Day". They get kept around the house, are not played with and worst of all... waste space. I'll now take the opportunity to say that adults are too old for stuffed animals. Sorry. The third category is for "purposeful" stuffed animals. Very few stuffed animals fit into this category. I can think of only two reasons a stuffed animal would be purposeful: if they are classic stuffed animals purchased to decorate a nursery (We love these:, and secondly those that have become inseparable comfort items for children. I guess it is possible for children to choose "just plain nasty" animals to become attached to, but in that situation, because they serve an important purpose, exceptions can be made and they can be considered purposeful.
It is ridiculous that I took the time to type out my feelings on stuffed animals in such detail, but when I moved, I realized that our stuffed animal collection had gotten out of control. I categorized every animal in the house. I decided that only category 3: purposeful animals, would make the cut and join us in our new home. I grabbed trash bags for the category one animals, and they went to their appropriate place on the next trash day. The category 2 animals went to the local Goodwill.

Now on with the story...
Packing was insane. 2 young children, Bo did NOT take anytime off of work, and we did NOT hire movers. I was left to make most of the decisions of what to trash, donate, and keep. So, my mom came over and we just went at it. We made big piles all over my house. I was as decisive as I have ever been and I was so proud.

Anyway, as I was packing up Caroline's room I came across Henry the of those category 2 animals...should have gone straight to the Goodwill pile, but I hesitated. The problem? Caroline loved him. He belonged to John Robert, but we could not convince her that she wasn't the owner. I knew Bo would have elected to keep him. But, I was the decision maker and I sent him off to Goodwill with a little uneasiness in my stomach.

We went to the beach just before the house closed. On our LONG ride home just as we were driving through downtown Atlanta, Caroline started asking about her toys. Bo said "I bet Henry will be so glad to see you when we get back!". I started giving him this motion to change the subject. I then explained under my breath that Henry had a new home. Bo was furious. You would have thought I gave my wedding ring away. And at that point I might as well have. He insisted I find a replacement. I grabbed his phone and frantically searched ebay never expecting to find one. Well, apparently Henry the Dog is some sort of collectible and most of the ones on ebay were vintage and were selling for $75 and up! I was horrified. Who pays that much for stuffed animals?! Bo and I then started arguing about whether or not the dog was even cute. I started sweating, knowing I had made a terrible decision and wondering what else I had trashed or given away that I might as well go on and fess up to. The rest of the car ride was miserable. My mom came to the rescue. She always makes things better. She rushed to Goodwill after church the next day, found Henry among the toys (can't be that cute if no one had bought him for the 9 days he sat on the shelf), purchased him back for 99 cents and returned him to his rightful owner.

Since the birth of "Doodie Baffer" I have only run preschool carpool a few times. My sweet neighbor Bekah usually takes and mom and Bo pick up. I don't think anyone has missed me though. My car and I have serious carpool issues. I'm not just talking about the thousands of times I have run up on the curb... I have driven through line with a HUGE ladder strapped to the top of my van. (I leaned out my window yelling "can I still come through line?" - which drew even more attention. I got "looks". It was painful.) I've arrived just in time to miss carpool and had to walk Caroline inside.. the "walk of shame" as they call it- in my pajamas- in the rain. I have had my car break down in the school parking lot and had it towed away. Horrifically embarrassing. And to top it all off, my car has a permanent squeak. A LOUD obnoxious sound that announces my arrival before my carpool number is ever called. And not to mention makes chatting with other mom's in line through our car window's challenging.

Caroline was recently watching a claymation movie about Jesus with her daddy. Claymation is terrible. Next thing we know Caroline looks up at Bo and says "Jesus said stupid?" Jesus was saying that the "stupid man builds his house on the sand". Who uses that translation for a children's movie?! Ridiculous.

John Robert IS a pirate. I have never seen a child so into something. He dresses up. Everyday. All the clothes hangers in the house are "cap'n hooks". Even the dough hook attachment that goes to my mom's kitchen aid mixer has become a "hook" and is part of the costume. He started liking pirates around 18 months old and by 20 months he constantly went around saying "argh Matey" and "on guard" - and would then proceed to sword fight you. His favorite pirate phrases these days are "YOU walk-a the plank" and "scurvy dog". We even have a 3x5 foot Jolly Roger flag run up yonder pole of the swing set. He calls the Lord of the Rings movies "scary pirates" and begs to watch them. (Don't think they have pirates in them, but he's convinced they do.) He is the greatest 2 year old in the whole world.

Hope it is not 15 months until I blog again.

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