Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Wowsers. I've been saying that a lot lately. Here's why:

1. John Robert is potty trained! It was EASY. He is such a big boy. Already sleeps in his underwear and knows how to go on trees (of course). Asked to poop on a tree the other day. Not up for that. We were walking to our car on the square a few days ago. There are trees planted every few feet apart in the middle of the sidewalk beside the storefronts. Yep, pants ALL the way down, mid stream on a tree before I realized it. He was lollygagging as usual, I was rummaging for my keys. A mom with several boys (of all people!) walked by and hollered "been there, done that"! It was awesome. We got in my squeak-mobile and made a mad dash for our house.
2. I have gotten myself stuck in my backyard on 4 separate occasions recently. The first time the baby was in the house alone so I panicked for a moment, but composed myself when I realized I had my cell phone and started dialing neighbors. I've never been so grateful to know my neighbors. (We had a string tied to the lock on our fence that you had to pull to get out. It ripped off. Unless you are tall like Bo and can reach over the privacy fence and let yourself out OR climb over the chain link fence that borders the neighbors yard, you are STUCK if the back door to the house is locked. I am about half an inch too short and a bit too wimpy to climb the chain link fence.) After 2 more incidents of getting stuck, I re-rigged the "pull string". Yesterday, the string got stuck and so did I. Again. I almost let it ruin my day. I was SO mad. I spent a good part of my afternoon scheming about how I would get out if it ever happens again. I think I have a pretty good escape plan, hope to never use it.

3. I'm going to give up sugar for lent. I do NOT want to. I am afraid. I can only imagine what I'll be like with no M&Ms. Pale, mean, head rotating 365 degrees. Watch out.

4. My kids use the windows like doors. Why use the front door when you can climb out the window? I shouldn't allow it.

5. We were playing in the backyard the other day and Caroline got hurt. She looked up at me and said "ouch! my tenders". I did not explain to her that she does not have "tenders". (In my kid's favorite movie ever, KungFu Panda, Po the panda gets hit in the crotch and says "my tenders" I'm thrilled that my children retain such valuable material.)

6. John Robert, a.k.a "pirate boy", has a new way to get what he wants. He will bring a carton of fruit or box of crackers to me and just say "four"...nothing else just "four". If he REALLY hopes for a bunch he says "six" and does a little dance and gives a cheesy smile. I may put 12 crackers in the bowl, but if he is not satisfied he looks at me again and whines "siiix!" So far I have figured out that 4 is a little more than I would like him to have and siiix is enough to make you sick.

7. Doodie Baffer is 4 months old. Love him. I'll do anything to see his smile, there are no words...
(Photos by Brandon Funk)

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Brewers said...

Girl..you are hilarious! Thanks for sharing.