Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eyeball hair

Caroline is hysterical. At least she thinks she is. She just started telling knock, knock jokes. Lucky us! We are in such a fun stage that I am sure every parent goes through. My favorite "joke" so far... Knock, knock.. Who's there? Eyeball... Eyeball?! Eyeball who? Eyeball hair! (Followed by an eruption of laughter.) Awesome.

Caroline tells me that she feels sick a lot. Another super fun stage. The other day she told me that her tummy hurt and I asked her what she thought was wrong and she said "my tummy is not alive".

My mom took Caroline to school on Monday and while she was driving mom told her that she had not slept well the night before. Caroline said "well that's ok you can try again tonight, Nona".

John Robert has been pretending that he is Caroline's little boy. Caroline decided that she would change his name to "Telmo" like Elmo, but with a "T". So now our 3 children are "Telmo's Mommy", Telmo and Doodie Baffer.

The Sunday before Ash Wednesday I left church knowing that I only had a few more days before I was going to have to deprive my sweet tooth until Easter. Just after church we took the kids over to Caroline's school for a festival. The first thing I spotted was the cakewalk. I explained the rules to the kids and then I sent them over to play. I figured my chances were pretty good seeing as I had 2 children in the game. There was this huge pan of brownies with icing. I wanted it. Probably the way an addict wants a fix. Neither child won the first 4-5 rounds they played. Caroline seemed disappointed because I had been so crazy and insistent that they "win Mommy a cake". (The cakewalk is not nearly as exciting as the other games, and I knew that time was running short, finally I gave it up and let them go jump on the bouncy things.) Next thing I know, I am feeding the baby and Caroline comes running up saying "I won, I won!" She then hands me a plate of cookies and says "I played again for you and I won, but I couldn't carry your cake all by myself, so I had to get these cookies". Sweetest thing in the world.

Baby Bo got his first tooth right at 4 months and his second just broke through. He has already bitten me. I am afraid that all my children appear to be "biters". John Robert and Caroline bite each other. John Robert bit his friend in the nursery the other day. Apparently not all children bite, because when people hear what happened they are like "ohhh, you have "a biter"! That sounds like something you should say about a dog. Don't all kids bite!? I mean what are the chances that all mine would be "biters"? They have ALL had reflux and spit up constantly. Now 3 biters...

I have THE most awesome stroller. It is like a limousine. It is way nicer than my car. It is a triple jogger with stadium style seating. It looks like something from outer space. People stop and stare. My favorite comment, or should I say compliment was: "now that's a humdinger!" Actually, I thought that was a dumb comment, I wasn't even sure what the heck that meant. So, I looked up the word humdinger and found out that it means: 1. something unusually large 2. an excellent person or thing. It is unusually large, and it is an excellent thing. Maybe I should have "humdinger" airbrushed across it. I want to name it like a boat. Bo and I had the humdinger out the other day and it caught the eye of a lady driving. Dangerous. She was so captivated that she didn't realize she was approaching a stop sign, slammed on her breaks, and almost rear ended the car in front of her. It would have made for a better story if she would have actually rear ended the car.

Went to the grocery store the other day. My bill was over $200. I never spend that much, but everyone was talking about prices going up due to corn and other things. I called Bo on my way home and I was freaking out a little. I thought "I am going to have to get a job, this is crazy". A few days later I found my receipt. I had been charged $70 for curry leaves. I headed back to the store to explain that I had not even purchased curry leaves and that I wasn't even sure what they were. The crazy thing was that they didn't even have curry leaves. They had typed the produce code in wrong for the 50 cent lemon I bought to make my broccoli bearable. I was nice- no reason to get all crazy. My money was refunded after about 30 minutes and I got a $10 gift card and a free lemon.

Bo got on facebook recently and realized that for some reason a bunch of his friends had been deleted. So he started adding them again. Then he realized he was signed into my account. Recently over 30 men have accepted my friend requests. Embarrassing. Some of them I barely know.

John Robert woke up this morning, came into the kitchen, stripped his clothes off, snuck downstairs, came back up with a pitcher we use to RINSE them with in the bathtub after they are CLEAN, and then peed in it right in the middle of the kitchen. He was so careful and precise. He was so focused he did not even realize we were watching him, laughing hysterically. Boys and their pee experiments...


carolineb said...

I love your blog!!! Your babies are hysterical, seriously.

Mari said...

Okay, you must blog...thanks for a humdinger of a laugh. I miss you and am glad to hear your update!

If grocery prices go up and you can't afford curry leaves make your blog readable by paid subscription only...I'll be the first to sign up...have you considered stand up?

I love you!

Katie said...

How did I not know you were still blogging?