Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer 2011

I don't know what to say to start this post. So, skipping right to the stories:
Doodie Baffer-
There have been numerous occasions in which people have stopped me to tell me how beautiful baby Bo is. The conversation goes something like this:
"Oh, Ruth Allen, he is a gorgeous baby, look at those blue eyes. He looks nothing like the rest of you, he is just such a pretty boy!"
Me: "oh, well.. Thanks" I'm not sure where he gets those good looks....obviously NOT from the rest of us, ha! He may be beautiful but he is a wild nasty little thing. He pinches and bites. I have bruises to prove it. He already balls his fist up and grunts ferociously. His favorite toys are the little white caps that cover the bolts holding down the toilet. Any chance he gets he crawls in the bathroom and goes straight for them. Then they of course go straight into his mouth. I am going to remove them. Not sure why I have not done that yet. He loves to eat leaves, hes wonderful but he is just plain gross.
John Robert-
Took the child to the grocery store the other day. I was scanning my last items at the self checkout when I overheard John Robert talking to the lady behind him. Not unusal, he loves a stranger! I looked up and he was pulling at the waist of his pants saying "look at my weenie!". I about died. As I snatched his pants up and tossed him in the grocery cart I could not seem to muster up an apology. I kept my head down and back turned to the lady and then darted out of the store.
We have had the hardest time getting John Robert to keep his underwear on. I'll walk in the bathroom and there in a pile will be his "un-er-wears" right inside his shorts, it looks as if the rapture has occured and his clothes fell perfectly off him. It is just a joke now with the neighbors who have to put up with his frequent streaking. The boy's theme song should be "Pants on the Ground"! Bo has recently laid the law down, and we are making progress. Now he wears them with swords and weapons of all types stuck down in them every-which-of-way.
John Robert's favorite thing to do is play swords. He'll come up and stab me and say "I died you, mommy".
I asked John Robert what he learned at church a few weeks ago. He looked at me seriously and said slowly, "Jesus eats goldfish".
I killed a roach in front of John Robert the other day and flushed it down the toilet. He looked at me and said "Mama, why you put the roach in the potty?" I said "because it is nasty". John Robert said "It not nasty, it's beautiful, it a decoration mama!"
I NEVER iron. I don't even have an ironing board. I lost it in the move. I'll fluff something in the dryer or toss it in a pile to take to the cleaners before I'll iron it. I did however iron my shirt for church on Sunday. I had to do it on my couch cushions. John Robert saw the iron not even knowing what is is called and said "why do you have Nona's thing?!
What can I say? She is so creative and bizarre. If Doodie Baffer was not odd enough already, Caroline now calls her baby brother "pickle back". Not all the time, just when she is pretending he is her little boy. I'll overhear her saying "no-no pickleback", "come to your mommy pickleback".... Where do these names come from? John Robert recently started carrying around a stuffed cat and telling us that it is his son named Marcus. Marcus is odd, but pickleback...
We went to my mom's the other day and my brother's huge German Shepherd, "Mia" was out back. Caroline came up to me nervously and said "umm, mama, I'm afraid of heights, and Mia's a height!"
One of Caroline's favorite things to do this summer was catch lightning bugs. The first night she captured one in her net she came running inside and said "Mama I caught a lightning bug AND it is a glow in the dark one!"
Caroline has hair feathers. When she first saw "big girls" with feather extensions she started begging. I found out that the extensions were about $10 a pop. So I went to the craft store and we got us some feathers for real cheap, and those suckers have stayed in that curly hair for several weeks now. She also wears skinny jeans or "jeggings". She looks like a hippie and a teenager.

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